Is your business targeting your ideal customer while they are online?
Does your business have a digital marketing plan? 
Need some help getting to grips with what digital marketing even is?

Marketing has changed so much in recent years. It used to be that businesses advertised their products and services and waited for customers to come find their business. Now it is so much easier to target your ideal customer and promote directly to them. Digital marketing has turned traditional marketing on its' head. Businesses can promote to, sell to and support customers anywhere in the world. Businesses can be their own media company, producing content that is marketed directly to their ideal customers. Smart marketers drip feed information that your target audience is looking for and then reel in these ideal customers with more value-added services. 

If you haven't started employing digital marketing tactics for your business, you might want to start. Because you can be sure that your competitors are doing it!


Content is king in digital marketing. Zigzag Creative can create valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.  Use on your website, in emails, a blog, in social media and as part of a larger digital marketing campaign. Content examples include video and animated clips, vouchers, special offers, blog content, apps, online tools, and documents for download such as white papers, project examples, recipes etc. 


Create genuine leads for your business using online tools. Target your ideal customers by offering them something that they need and discover new sales leads in the process. These 'click funnels' bring customers to you - you can forget cold calling!


Professional email campaigns targeted at your customer base create awareness for new products and stimulate people to purchase. Bring together promotions and value added content in emails to different customer segments.


Drive more leads to your website by targeting your key markets with specific Adword campaigns and utilise the power of Google. Let Zigzag manage this for you to achieve the best results!



Check out the GRAPHIC DESIGN and WEB DESIGN services also available from Zigzag Creative.