Do you have a strategic marketing plan for your business?
Are all of your marketing initiatives designed so that they can help achieve your company goals?
Do you always complete your planned marketing projects?

Consider how much more effective your marketing efforts could be if you actually followed a plan! Without clear goals you run the risk of spending money on marketing activities that don't work. You must also ensure your plan is implemented for success. Zigzag Creative supports businesses by ensuring all of these things get done so you can get back to the business of running your business. 


Get a plan for your business that is designed for success. The strategic marketing plan includes a SWOT analysis, customer analysis, segmentation, analysis of the competitive environment and your product or service offering. A marketing plan is developed that utilises your resources and budget effectively. 


Engage Zigzag Creative for 10 hours a month to kick-start your marketing and implement your strategic plan for business growth. Perhaps you need assistance with promotions, direct
marketing, market research, advertising or updating
your marketing materials? 
Let's discuss the best way for Zigzag to help you out!


Do you make do without an in-house marketer or perhaps your team is overloaded? Ensure your marketing activities are executed for success. It'll be like having a marketer on your team, without actually having to hire someone! Ideal for short or long term projects. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements. 


Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Market Research & Data Analysis
Content Marketing
Marketing Strategy

Marketing Communications
Advertising & Media Planning
Direct Marketing

Check out the GRAPHIC DESIGN and WEB DESIGN services also available.

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